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Fate be changed, look inside. Mend the bond torn by pride.
~ The riddle the witch gives to Princess Merida to heal the family bonds she has broken.
Tony Stark: How do we cope with something like that? (Steve Rogers: Together.) Tony Stark: We'll lose! (Steve Rogers: Then we'll do that together, too.)
~ Tony Stark and Steve Rogers in Avengers: Age of Ultron.

A Bond Protector is the direct opposite of a Bond Destroyer, who tries to protect the cherished bonds of close friends as well as family and possibly repair and strengthen those bonds. At times, that person will be the one to try to repair that friendship when it has been affected or try to urge them not to lose sight of the bonds they made.

What are you eating for lunch, Eudora?
~ Sally Brown befriending her best friend Eudora

Examples of a Bond Protector:

  • The person would like to try to remind their comrade about the importance of the relationship they had with their comrades and urge them not to forget the importance and try to remember the times that comrade spent with his or her companions.
  • Another character encouraging the hero or another hero to not let the deaths of his or her comrades destroy them and to remember the principles and bonds that both have shared with one another throughout their lifetime and to urge them to come in terms with has happened so as to prevent the hero from losing sight of his bonds and those with his other comrades.
  • Trying to remind the character about accepting the person's fault of what happened in the past and urging them not to let this mistake break them apart. At times, tell the truth about what was truly undermining this relationship so as to make bond restoration possible with comrades.
  • Will not see an important place or concept that was built by the bonds of its makers be destroyed and will fight to defend it valiantly regardless if it was made in the Past or the Present.
  • This person would be the one who is the peacemaker of the group or any other comrade, that will do what would be above to get the group together.
  • If possible, the Person would be the Hero who is trying to repair his or her relationship with a close friend or comrade that was possibly strained because of some villain's strategy or his or her mistake in undermining it.

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