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No idea what's going on here. But I should probably start punching things.
~ Ben Tennyson.

Brutes are heroes or heroines with superhuman strength. Whether they're be an alien, cyborg, mutant, deity or magically or genetically enhanced human, they display feats of strength impossible for the average human. These heroes usually launch their fists first, think later if they think at all.

In a Five-Man Band, these heroes are usually the Big Guy (mostly a big or muscular character would play this role)


  • While brutes and gentle giants may overlap, the latter tends to be nonviolent in comparison to the former.
  • Do NOT add any heroes in this category, when they have "above-average" strength. They must have SUPERHUMAN strength, such as that coming from genetic augmentation or magic.
  • In order to be a brute, these heroes must perform impossible feats of strength, such as lifting up a building or causing a earthquake.
  • Many, if not all, heroes of this caliber tend to be able to fight off many opponents single-handedly or turn the battle of the heroes' favor with their strength. Do NOT add heroes who prefer to use their smarts to gain the advantage in the battle.

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