I'm going to make sandwich! *trips*
~ Mario (Glove and Boots).
That’s exactly what Doug used to say *beat* see ya later new Doug.
~ Korg (Marvel Cinematic Universe).

Comic Relief is the funny leader and/or sidekick who always are the center of attention, and is always trying help the hero by cheering up with some comedy. This is meant to be as exclusive as Game Changer meaning it should not be in settings such as actual comedy.

Pure Good heroes can only qualify if they have some comical moments and meet all the criteria, as a Comic Relief's humor is genuinely played off to make them less serious.

Comedy heroes can never qualify unless there is a game changer or a pure good in the story the hero is in, considering if a hero is in comic relief, it means the story is very serious but this hero lightens up the story, while comedy heroes are in a story that is very comedy intended.

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