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Heroes who turn out to be Contradictory are either an opposite of a normally friendly career, or even race, or even appearance, or are true promisers in a sense, or are surprising despite whatever silly or harmless sounding name they process alone.

The common themes for this type of hero include but are not limited to: angels, fairies, light beings, Santas, elves, dwarves, clowns, puppets, and toys; things that are supposed to represent innocence and friendship donning a theme then what is expected of them.

NOTE: Do not add Demons to this list as they no longer contradict what they are meant to be. Also, such characters must take on this form/guise for the majority of the work they are in, and not for a short time. ANOTHER NOTE: This category needs to identify concepts created for joy, such as angels, fairies, clowns, toys, puppets, Santas, elves, and so on.

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