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I take orders from just one person, me.
~ Han Solo to Princess Leia.
Dolly: Whatever! But no one needs to know-
Dylan: I'll know! My conscious will know, and Mum and Dad will know my conscious knows; it's way too dangerous. Now stay put!
~ Dylan Dalmatian to Dolly Dalmatian

Not all control freaks are villains. Some heroes like to control others probably because they think they're protecting them or teaching them to do the right thing. They are recognizable by their domineering personalities and their continuous belief that others should do what they say and that they know best, even if they do not.

Typically these characters have to go through major character development as initially they think they're doing what is best for their significant others, when really they are bringing some kind of physical or emotional (usually the latter) harm to those they wish to protect.

Pure Goods cannot fall under this category since Pure Goods don't boss or control others around. However Pure Goods can fall under Disciplinarians.

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