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These are heroes that serves as an opposite to their fellow heroes. Unlike their villainous counterpart these heroes, are those who are different to other heroes in multiple ways.

Examples Of Counterparts

1. Heroes have different personalities: One Hero is an Optimist while another Hero is a Pessimist. Another can be a good person, the other can be an unpleasant person to get along with.

2. Heroes can have different view of redemption: One Hero believes that their our those who will willingly turn over a new leaf while another Hero believes some cannot turn due their crimes.

3. Heroes can differ in methods on how to deal with threats or villains: One Hero would think about using a correct and merciful or safer method while another would try to use a pragmatic but effective method which at times can be considered unethical to some heroes.

4. Heroes can be defined by how they uphold honor: One Hero will be unyielding in upholding his or her honor in battle but unfortunately will allow that hero to make grave mistakes that will haunt them. Another Hero will be more rational and more pragmatic in defeating their enemies that will require the means to be more underhanded and cutthroat and will scold his or her comrade for being to soft.

5. Heroes can be driven by Vengeance: One Hero would be driven by revenge but will not allow themselves to be consumed by it and will follow their noble path to the very end while another hero who would be driven by revenge will continuously be consumed by that need for revenge that he or she will end up becoming a villain in the process and end up fighting against their former comrades or friends. Naruto and Sasuke are one example of this type of counterparts.

Regardless of being different these heroes are willing to work together with other heroes in order to stop a great threat. Additionally, these heroes are also loyal companions to which their differences can help compensate for the weaknesses the others has.

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