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Your mother can't be with you anymore.
~ The Great Prince, grieving the loss of his mate with his son.

Heroes who have died and have remained dead. This category should only include heroes that are currently deceased rather than ones who have "died," then returned. This also is for robots or machines that were destroyed/deactivated permanently or ghosts that were banished to the spirit world as well. Undeads cannot count unless they are also killed for good. This also includes heroes who were erased from existence.

Various means how a hero died/remained dead includes:

  • Violent death: a hero winds up killed in a violent or disturbing way, such as fatally incinerated by an explosion, mutilated alive, gunshot to the head, eaten/mauled alive, impaled, crushed by a heavy object, completely dissolved, hanged, decapitated, etc. Usually the hero is completely taken by surprise and doesn't have the time to react. However those with enhanced senses usually manage to avoid that kind of death (e.g. Duck Guy).
  • Died with honor: the hero has accepted the fact that their demise is inevitable and had enough dignity to face it. Many of the heroes who died in this way are honorable ones. Thus, circumstances were includes:
    • Chooses to die rather than to be saved: this usually applies to redeemed villains who commits a heroic sacrifice before death, it is regarded as a way of redemption. The best example would be Anakin Skywalker. Other times, heroes who are willing to protect their loved one can choose to be sacrificed, such as Marv of Sin City.
    • Accepted death as their fate and faced it with dignity: many wise heroes accepted their death as part of their destiny. For instance, Yoda dies peacefully after He told Luke Skywalker everything he has to know.
    • Fought until death: heroes who fought with honor in order to avenge, protect or defend themselves such as King Leonidas from 300.
  • Suicide: these heroes have chosen to put an end to their lives. Reasons are various but mostly include depression, being heartbroken, or in order to avoid a fate worse than death.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: these heroes let the villains kill them so the hero can succeed later.
  • Sacrifice their own life: Those heroes who sacrificing their own life for other to live.
  • Died in disgrace: not many heroes died in disgrace. However, this can apply to heroes turned to the dark side who are not willing to face the consequences of their acts and were not redeemed at the very end.
  • Dying from an illness: in this case the hero has succumbed to a deadly disease that the hero failed to cure at time.
  • Died off-screen: in many cases, certain heroes have met their fate onscreen. But, in this case, the hero's death was not shown but was mentioned by a character that he or she met their fate when no one else was there to see it. Usually seen with posthumous characters with a huge impact on the story.

Many of these heroes left a legacy behind even after their deaths which may remain for a long period of time.

Characters who are confirmed dead rather than simply being presumed as much are different; please keep those categories separated.

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