These are heroes that are appearing in the Dengeki/SEGA crossover. Just like the voice actors that portray them, any work that they do and all other characters from and not from the game like Amblin franchises and South Park, the characters are large breasted, obviously except for men, critically acclaimed, intelligent, have never died or have any medical hazard, have no iconography, have their clothes and headwear be combinations of outfits from real life and stuff like all recent Disney movies, no blushing on the whole face, have excellent personalities, don't age and are not middle-aged or old, all their series and creators are critically acclaimed just like the main canon story Sonic games from Sega, the Youtube creators and videos and everything that does or doesn't have to do with Dengeki, their canon states this stuff perfectly, nothing like other sites or people's comments changes any of these or for any other form of media or anything else and all other stuff not singled out, all this stuff applies to everything else, no future changes will change any of this stuff, there will be more stuff added for anything such as EA Games and Square Enix games that wasn't included in this paragraph or this wikia and this paragraph excluding the first sentence is the only thing to have this fact and everything else.

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