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Only the Avatar, master of all four elements, could stop them.
~ Katara.

Elementals can control, embody or are empowered by the elements of nature.

The types of elemental heroes include:

  • Aerokinetics (i.e. Raimundo Pedrosa) have the ability to control the element of wind and air.
  • Aquakinetics or Hydrokinetics (i.e. Lapis Lazuli) are the heroes that use the element of water as a weapon.
  • Bio-Manipulators or Biokinetics (i.e. Ben Tennyson) can shape and manipulate their bodies in ways that while impossible are not necessarily shape-shifting (though it sometimes overlaps).
  • Chronokinetics (i.e. Zasalamel) are able to manipulate the flow of time which includes stopping time, slowing it down, rewinding and travelling through it (some can even see the future).
  • Cryokinetics or Cryomancers (i.e. Sub-Zero) are heroes who have the ability to create, control and/or manipulate ice, and use it for noble purposes.
  • Electrokinetics (i.e. Static) have the power to control electricity.
  • Ferokinetics (i.e. Peridot ) are able to manipulate metals and use them as tools and weapons.
  • Geokinetic heroes (i.e. Toph Beifong) who have the power to control the earth (rock, sand and ground, not the actual planet called Earth) and/or cause earthquakes. This overlaps with Crystallokinetic, Hyalokinetic, Chlorokinetic, and Psammokinetic Heroes.
  • Pyrokinetics or Pyromancers (i.e. Ken Masters) have the power to control fires that shines bright or it could use to attack evil for good.
  • Sonokinetics (i.e. Black Canary) use sound as a weapon.
  • Umbrakinetics (i.e. Riku (Kingdom Hearts)) can manipulate darkness.

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