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No need to replenish your energy when energy is all you are.
~ Positron

Energy Beings are heroes who unlike a majority of them are made of energy. These types of heroes are those who are capable of performing feats that are sometimes beyond what an ordinary being can do such as better mastery over various sources of energy. Sometimes heroic energy beings have to take on a physical form so as to prevent their presence from affecting others or to restrain their great powers or even to prevent themselves from being consumed by their very own power if they are not capable of controlling it themselves.

This type, also known as "Light Forms" (which is considered a good counterpart of Dark Forms), are heroes that embody not only the powers of light, but simply good in its purest form, they are often seen as angelical forces that may seek the lives of thousands or simply content themselves with solving trouble for a small group of other heroes and people: several Energy Beings share a common desire to repair the universe he or she resides in however, turning it into a heavenly state or better either for pure integrity or out of some higher purpose - some Energy Beings (but not all) can possess others and manipulate them into causing order on their behalf.

Unlike ordinary heroes who are motivated by generosity, liberty or health, most Light Forms are motivated out of pure goodness and will commit their genius and respect simply for the sake of doing good.

(Some Energy Beings are often considered "God" figures - though they do not need to be supernatural in origin or function)

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