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Do... or do not. There is no "try".
~ Yoda.

A rare type of hero in which those who have little-to-no tolerance for failure whatsoever and thus often act in rage or even violently punish their followers or allies for failing to carry out their orders. They also tend to warn their allies of the penalty if they fail them, which is most likely said punishment. Often goes hand-in-hand with some officials and leaders who can be ruthless in their goals. They are also known as a sore loser.

However, some of these heroes can have a positive feature if their followers express remorse for failing to accomplish their goals, they will speak to them in a soft-spoken manner. What separates them from their villainous counterparts is that most of them do not resort to killing or torturing their colleagues for failing them. This, however, only applies to active heroes; some former villains have killed their colleagues in the past for failing them before defecting to the good side. One perfect example is Vegeta.

Another common form of failure-intolerent heroes is when a hero stresses how important the accomplishment of a certain mission is and what is at stake should the mission result in failure, such as saving an entire world of people from destruction.

Despite all of this, even Pure Goods have a chance of becoming a failure-intolerant hero as they can retain their anger or intolerance for failure in a much more calm and polite manner whilst having no corrupting qualities. Yoda is a perfect and prime example of this.

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