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Sokka: Why's everyone looking at me?
Aang: You're the idea guy.
Sokka: So I'm the only one who can
ever come up with a plan? That's a lot of pressure.
~ Aang telling Sokka that he's the brains of the group.
I'm the smartest man in the world.
~ Chase Davenport
Thomas Edison once said that genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration, but in my case, it's 100% inspiration!
~ Miu Iruma comparing herself with Thomas Edison
Cowardly Lion: Contact Dorothy? How?
Scarecrow: I'm a genius, remember?
~ Scarecrow and Cowardly Lion

A heroic individual who has super high levels of intelligence and chooses to use their gifts for good rather than evil. They are basically the heroic equivalent of the Doctors and Scientists or Mastermind archetypes. Genius often goes hand in hand with Wisdom but a genius is not necessarily a wise hero and vice-versa. The key difference between a wise hero and a genius is a genius will have the knowledge to do amazing things but a wise hero will be able to apply the knowledge they have with ease and is rarely wrong. Even the smartest of heroes can potentially be naïve, bizarre, eccentric or absent-minded.

Frequently the Smart Guy of a Five-Man Band.

Note: Please do not add if under Mastermind as it is the step below and it is redundant. It is also possible for this category to overlap with the Dimwits category if these heroes prove to be dimwitted in many areas despite being smart in others. 

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