You're made of metal, but you have feelings, and you think about things, and that means you have a soul.
~ Hogarth Hughes to the Iron Giant.

Gentle Giants (Also called Heroic Giants) are those who, despite standing at intimidating sizes and/or heights with brutish appearances choose to not exhibit violence despite the strength at their disposal; they often take it upon themselves to defend those who are smaller and weaker. While most Gentle Giants have absolutely no intentions to bring harm, some of them have been shown to have issues with their temper or just be very clumsy, leading to outbursts or accidents that unintentionally bestow the exact harm they were trying to prevent. In some cases a Gentle Giant's true form is not monstrous or gigantic but instead at an least equal size compared to the average human but can assume larger forms (i.e. Alphonse Elric).

Examples are Guan Yu, Baymax, Iron Giant, Optimus Prime and Clifford the Big Red Dog. Those who possess traits of Gentle Giants in the least extent are Godzilla and King Kong.    

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