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There are few wars between good and evil: most are between one good and another good.
~ Yang Wenli
Sometimes I wanna punch you in your perfect teeth...But I don't want to see you gone.
~ Tony Stark's frustration on Steve Roger's lack of cooperation with the Sokovia Accords.

Similar to Evil Vs. Evil, but with a hero fighting another hero.

It's hard to create a story where both sides are fully sympathetic and yet in a real conflict with each other. But sometimes the authors manage to pull it off. This is not when the characters on both sides are somewhat sympathetic, merely believe in their own actions without being fully sympathetic, or are in a temporary conflict by mistake. Instead, this is when both sides are unambiguously good AND locked in a real conflict with each other. Tom and Jerry, Goku and Vegeta, Mike and Zoey, Iron Man and Captain America, Batman and Superman, Godzilla and King Kong, Scorpion and Sub-Zero are great examples of this.

Notable forms of situation that led this event:

  • Inspector Javert scenario: one of the good guys happened to be an authority figure whom is chasing the hero without realizing that the hero either is:
    • Innocent as he/she only either witness/victims of the troubles that the real villains caused.
    • Someone whom attempted to redeem themselves or were already redeemed long ago, but not all people realized that he has changed to the good side.

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