You said you'd return that kiss ten times over, but instead you've left me with a big hole in my chest.
~ Yoko Littner after Kamina's death.
Heroes that have had their hearts broken by someone they loved. There are many ways in which this can happen:
  • The hero discovers their lover has been working with or been the enemy the entire time and, upon this revelation, are visibly distressed (this is a case of innocence being destroyed). Examples of this include Donna Noble and Issei Hyoudou.
  • The hero discovers that the one they love told them a lie and feels deeply hurt and betrayed, even if the lie was well-intentioned, usually causing an obstacle in the process. A perfect example is Princess Atta, who, upon discovering that Flik lied to her about the Circus Bugs, told him to leave with them and not come back.
  • The hero discovers that the one they love did something horrible in their past and finds themselves unable to forgive them. A good example would be John Watson, when he discovered that his wife Mary Morstan used to be an assassin for the CIA and Quasimodo when he thought that Madellaine was manipulating him.
  • The hero and the one he or she loves are forced to break up either to save each other or to prevent something horrible from happening.  Often times, this issue gets resolved and they reunite.  An example is Miaka Yuki and Tamahome's relationship.
  • The villain plays a trap to make the hero and heroine break. An example of this is when Dr. Mashirito building a false Arale to mislead Obotchaman that she hates him and will leave the village, so that he can destroy Arale.
  • The lover was cheating on the hero's back. Often happens with a married couple.
  • The hero and lover simply break up. An example is Stan Marsh and Wendy Testaburger.
  • The hero is rejected by their crush without an opportunity of a relationship, either because they are not interested or because they only see the hero as a friend. In the worst cases the crush can do it for hatred.
  • The hero's love rival won the heart of the love interest.
  • The hero's lover dies. It causes heartbreak for the loss of the loved one and may cause the hero to swear vengeance towards the murderer (if there is one). An example is when Yugao Uzuki's lover Hayate Gekkō was killed by Baki under the deception of Orochimaru.

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