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[[Category:Alternate Reality Heroes]]
[[Category:Alternate Reality Heroes]]
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[[Category:Hope Bringer]]

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Heroes of the Future are those who have travelled back in time in order to prevent an event usually at the hands of a villain that can very well bring about an extremely grim future or to prevent the Past from undergoing a similar fate that would happen in the future but regardless its mostly about preventing an extremely dark future that can result from either of the two reasons. These Heroes are often the future offspring of the main heroes or are the future selves of the main hero, who decides to go back in time to help his future parents or their younger self combat this threat that has been a menace to the future as well as explain key events that have happened in their time years ahead so as to better help the past heroes on what must be done such as Future Trunks telling Goku and his friends about the Androids and Cell so as to make preparations to face them. These Heroes are often being characterized as being more different than their younger-selves in terms of personality such as having different viewpoints in life or being more unlikeable or cynical until they redevelop these traits. Likewise their future children, would also have different personalities as well as having little-to-no knowledge about their family due to one of them either missing or dead due to both of the parents having died. Unsurprisingly, the future-selves of the main hero will be more powerful due to them having more knowledge about their power and more understanding about what is going on. On the other hand, the children can have more power than their parents to the point they actually surpass them in terms of strength but can at times be weaker than their future parents. Overall, these heroes will do whatever it takes in order to make sure the dark future they live in does not come into past and to make sure that their world as well as the people living in it will have a brighter future.

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