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Your triumphs will earn you points. Any rule-breaking, and you will lose points.
~ Minerva McGonagall addressing her students when they arrive at Hogwarts before sorting them into their houses.
Zazu? (Zazu: Yes, sire?) Take Nala home. I've got to teach my son a lesson.
~ Mufasa.
I consider myself a reasonable merman. I set certain rules, and I expect those rules to be obeyed.
~ King Triton to Ariel.

Heroic Disciplinarians are heroes and heroines (usually parents, relatives, or teachers) who discipline other people to have them learn right from wrong. Some are very strict or fierce (sometimes too much so, as in King Triton's case), but they are generally kind to those they care about. Examples include Mufasa, Professor McGonagall, Fu Hua, Scrooge McDuck, and Queen Elinor.

While some can be strict, some Purely Good heroes can be disciplinarians as well as they may genuinely care about the people they discipline without causing despair and negativity towards said people.

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