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It was before that, two things. You remember, during the war, we did some bad things and bad things happened to us. War is where the young and stupid are tricked by the old and bitter into killing each other. I was very young, and very angry. Maybe that is no excuse.
~ Niko Bellic

Not all Gangsters are evil jacket-tux wearing villains. Heroic Gangsters or Heroic Mafians are members of a gang, mafia, or any type of organizations of a group of/for criminals. Many of these types of Heroic Gangsters would originate from various media such as Live Action Television, Novel Books, Movies, and so on. They are often seen as Anti-Heroes due to their affiliation with criminals and protecting them and/or committing crimes with the group.

Heroic Gangsters may range from:

  • Heroic Gangsters - Many of these Gangsters will often be in a group or groups fighting against another side. In the end, they are Gangsters that are part of a group. They may even fight to the death if they have to. They are either forced into a Gang or are misguided into being part of the Gang. Nonetheless, they often emphasize on fighting fairly and honorably. Whichever the story went, the character who is part of at least a Gang, Mafia, etc would fall under the category of Heroic Gangsters.
  • Chaotic Neutral - Due to their rebellious and somewhat destructive behavior many of them can consist with this alignment. As opposed to Lawful Neutral being some heroes who focus on the law, ideas, traditions, values, etc. It could be rare but possible for some to qualify for the other.
  • Lawful Neutral - In spite of the destructive rebellious nature. The rarest cases could apply this alignment to some Gangsters who have values that make them into the "Judge" alignment rather than "Free Spirit". Some of them could care about the law and many of them could have honorable enough goals as much as some Chaotic Neutral characters if they aren't as destructive and rebellious if having some certain meaningful personal values with rules and traditions. Although, it really varies and it makes this a little rare for any to qualify.
  • Grey Zone - Almost many of them here would be in the grey area due to their corrupting qualities that can prevent them from being Pure Good.
  • On & Off - Many consists onto here since they have an on & off nature from good to evil. Their morals since being in the grey area is a main notable reason.
  • Heroic Jerks - Just like Anti-Heroes they are on the good side but have selfish motives. They are usually good for the sake of the money, fame, and power just like what's been seen out of most villains who were in for certain things for their own personal gain. They may be mean or rude to anyone.
  • Pawn of the Villain - Often or not, these ones may have at some point work with a villain. While it may make them villainous, they likely were misguided or forced into the circumstances and likely chose no further involvement with the villainy.
  • Servant of a Villain - Like with Pawn of the Villain they may have worked with some villains who are Gangsters at some point. Although, some may choose to take the heroical side instead choosing good than evil.
  • Apprentice of Villain - In rarer cases they don't have much involvement but are still involved none the less.
  • GTA Heroes - Many would consist through games like Grand Theft Auto. Which is why many could apply onto here.
  • Heroic Criminals - Many of the Heroic Gangsters are likely criminals. They have committed a crime with associating with disparate groups of mafias, gangs and so on. Heroic Gangsters commit various crimes of robbery, murder, theft, etc. Much like the GTA Heroes, A lot of them can end up being villains as well due to their foul culprit actions taken.
  • Heroic Xenophobes - Many of them may also be Xenophobic as most Gangsters tend to prioritize their own interests and are extremely hostile to anyone that is outside their group/tribe.
  • Redeemed Villains - In spite of their rebellious destructive behavior. Some could redeem themselves and stick to more good noble enough deeds. Often or not sticking to the side of heroism than villainy.
  • Fallen Heroes - Many of the Heroic Gangsters could also be villains as well. As some have fell down into villainy crossing the Moral Event Horizon at some point. Heroic Gangsters could often be in gangs and go on various schemes on doing very nefarious things that make them amoral and Fallen Heroes. Due to the usuals of what Gangsters would do, plenty of these Heroic Gangsters could ultimately fit into this category.

Many of these Heroic Gangsters would not be able to qualify as Pure Good as they have morally questionable traits resulting in them being anti-heroic criminals and how they have crossed the line numerous times and are seen in the Grey Zone making them be seen villains. It would be virtually impossible for these types of Heroic Gangsters to qualify as Pure Good since they are inherently bad due to their corrupting influence.

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