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That's right, I'm a jerk.
~ Stanley Pines.
Fine. Be a jerk.
~ Sid to Manny.
Susie...sometimes she isn't nice at all! She's greedy, she's mean, she's sarcastic... But... Isn't it wonderful that she's...her?
~ Ralsei to Kris about Susie.
Huff…If it wasn’t for the fact that I still need you for my mission…Well…I’d probably still save your ass. But then I wouldn’t have an excuse for it.
~ Keith Keiser to an unconscious Trace Legacy.

Heroic Jerks are heroes (or occasional anti-heroes) who very often behave in a very vulgar, mean, cocky, arrogant, rude or unpleasant fashion. While a jerk is mean at times if not almost always, and be a jerk they don't normally mean to cause serious harm to others (especially those that never did anything bad to them). For the purpose of this wiki however in order to qualify what causes an character to act this way should be in what's known as an "Obstacle" - otherwise it is not valid. However, it wasn't always the case. Some of these characters have the positive qualities and can cooperate well with their allies and comrades when given the chance; thus this character is called "Jerk with a Heart of Gold". Also, do not place someone who only shows jerkish qualities, they must at least have a few positive qualities.

Good examples for this are Jin Kisaragi, Jotaro Kujo, Huey Freeman, Clarence Wendle, Gumball Watterson, Bloo, Grizzly Bear, Mina Majikina, and all main members of the Griffin Family overall.

They are the opposite of Affably Evil who are villains that are polite and friendly.

Important: Do not confuse Extremist characters for jerk characters as they have different qualities.

Also, Pure Goods would NEVER fall under this category as they would never act rude, mean, vulgar, and/or unpleasant to anyone. This counts as a corrupting quality as Pure Goods are always kind, friendly, selfless, and incorruptible. If a Pure Good does show some hostility to someone, it's usually due to annoyance, provocation by others, heating-up periods, and not being reasonable with them or due to insecurity on the part of the hero. These outbursts often end with the hero resolving the conflict peacefully reverting back to their usual friendliness. In these cases, they should go under Wrathful or Insecure instead (e.g. Kiara, Fox McCloud, Buzz Lightyear, Spider-Man (Spider-Man Films), Mirabel Madrigal, James P. Sullivan, and Fluttershy).

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