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No book is ever going to make my daughter sad. Time for me to do what I do best: lie to a child.
~ Homer, about Lisa's Angelica Button book.
Patch: Thunder? Thunder? I don't understand ou lied to me?
Thunderbolt: I put on an act. I'm an actor. It's what I do.
Patch: But you said I can be your junior deputy...
Thunderbolt: I made all that up! I just need someone who need the script.
Patch: But, you said that you'd help us.
Thunderbolt: Ugh! Don't you get it, kid? All that running around and saving the day stuff, it's-it's... It's make-believe! It's not REAL.
Patch: You promised!
Thunderbolt: Patch... I just... (sighs)
Patch: You lied. (crying)
Thunderbolt: I'm sorry, alright?
I'm not a real Wonder Dog.
I just acted like one once.
~ Thunderbolt revealing his true nature to Patch of his selfish arrogant egotistical motives.
Twilight Sparkle: Well, you have been lying to her. To all of us, actually.
Applejack: Yeah. Is there anything else you're lyin' about that we should know?
~ Twilight Sparkle and Applejack scolding Rainbow Dash for lying to Pinkie Pie about liking pies.

Although lying is a trait more associated with villains, some heroes have a habit of lying as well, or it may even be a main way they overcome other wrongs. Some lie in order to try to escape from a dangerous situation or for misleading a villain; lying can be just as good as it is bad. Or in other words, whitely abusing it. Other times the lie itself may be the set-up for honesty always being the best policy if the narrative is intended as a fable.

Heroic Liars can only be Pure Good if they lie when it is necessary, do it for the good and/or with remorse.

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