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Jude: What do you do, Alvin? You look like a soldier but you sure don't act like one.
Alvin: Heh, you're on the right track, kid. I'm a mercenary. It's better than being a soldier. We don't have to follow orders. We set our own hours. And we help people... for a price.
~ Alvin explaining his job to Jude Mathis.

A sub-category of Neutral Good, these are heroes who work as guns-for-hire, and don't belong to any particular faction, but are still willing to do good deeds. While many do it under the hope that there's something in it for them, such as Guts and Deadpool, there are others who merely see the profession as a means to an end, such as MADIAX.

Also, Pure Goods can never apply in this category. Pure Goods are not morally flexible enough to be guns for hire.

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