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I hate all of you.
~ Squidward Tentacles expressing how much he hates people.
As far as I can see, it's better to never have had a master. I wish that Annie was here--I'd chew her up for you. I hate all humans: I hate them!
~ Rowf expressing his hatred of humans to Snitter.

Not all misanthropes are villains. Heroes who don't like humans or "normal people" (or the equivalent of humans depending on their respective settings, such as in works where humans don't exist) because of misunderstandings or because humans did something that made the hero hate them. Very often this occurs because the characters in question have high and unshakable standards that humanity just does not live up to. 

Their opposite counterparts are Philanthropists as they love humanity and want to do whatever it takes to protect and save them. The villainous counterpart is Misanthropes, who have got their hatred against humanity that had got the better out of them. Due to their hatred, their path has been more destructive and evil.

Heroic Misanthropes cannot count as Pure Good as they resent against humanity and have corrupting traits that make them far from being seen as Pure Good.

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