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One step up from a benevolent organization is Heroic Species, the concept of an entire species/race of good creatures and/or entities, common in sci-fi and fantasy genres. Heroic races are different from organizations in the fact most (if not all) of their species are seen as good or harmless unlike other species that are evil. Some heroic species later redeem themselves and as always some individuals within a species may differ in their beliefs. If the species in question is eusocial and is controlled by a benvolent Hive Mind, then they're also Superorganisms.

They are also difficult to defeat if, despite being naturally heroic, friendly, decent, protective, or passive, they are capable of having children or making families; thus, killing a heroic species that is capable of reproducing naturally would still be considered an act of genocide.

  • ONLY ADD RACES, SPECIES OR GROUPS OF ENTITIES to this category. Individual heroes never count. Also, note that they are cannot be Pure Good because groups do not have moral agency even when all members meet the criteria and a species' general morals (especially for sapient species) often change over generations for better or worse.
  • Also, do NOT create pages for any real-life heroic species. (e.g. various cats and dogs in real life).

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