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Not all Thought-Forms are villains. Heroic Thought-Forms or Positive Thought-Forms or Imaginary Heroes or Heroic Imaginaries or Imaginary Friends are heroes who appear within a character's mind and not the same present world as the character themselves. In shorter words, Thought-Forms are heroes who are surreal and don’t exist to the entirety of the fictional existing universe.

This can pertain to characters in flashbacks (with Rose Quartz from the earlier Steven Universe seasons being seen through flashbacks), Posthumous hallucinative forms (Hannah Baker and Justin Foley in Season 4 of 13 Reasons Why being the best examples by far), Fragments, and so forth.

It is not meant to be mistaken for fictional characters who exist within the fictional universe as a piece of fiction, Possessed Object, Artificial Intelligence, etc. This is because those things already exist in some way and others can interact with them a bit more, being established as those things rather than as Thought-Forms. However, some can have powers to form and shapeshift into those things and still be Thought-Forms.

Though there are exceptions when at least when those non-existing Thought-Forms happen to exist within those said things and forming into those things, yet it's usually only the main character who could at most experience and interact with these Thought-Forms.

The only obvious exception is if this Thought-Form exists in many ways that could interact with other Thought-Forms or other few people who could see the Thought-Form. Since everyone seeing the said character would defeat the said purpose of the non-fully existing heroic character being a Thought-Form.

The reason for these heroes to exist originates from the fact that a character made them up or an idea about what they think about with said character in their head. Thus, creating the imaginary ally that guides and aids them. Hobbes from Calvin and Hobbes is a perfect example of such.

Although, many other types of Thought-Forms unfortunately could be evil. There are also Thought-Forms that do good and guide their creator on the right path to doing as much good as possible.

Categories that can apply to this:

As of now, it seems rare for any of them to qualify as a Pure Good. They can qualify if they meet the criteria, having to know between right and wrong, having a Moral Agency, and having zero corrupting qualities, like with Chiaki Nanami from Danganronpa.


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