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All machines commit treachery. The one you brought onboard is no different.
~ Javik's (justified) opinion of synthetics.
I can't abide those Jawas. Disgusting creatures.
~ C-3PO.
I would be OK with Xeno races living in harmony with us if they didn't have such fucked up goals in mind for our galaxy. Thus, without Xeno life exterminated or under regulation, this is not an efficient way for human lives to exist, as it will only get stabbed, sliced, chopped and nommed to death.
~ The Emperor of Mankind, as depicted in If the Emperor Had A Text-To-Speech Device.

Not all xenophobes are villains. These characters show that even heroes can have a deep hatred towards a certain race, sex, collective or ideology and even be genocidal in that regard. However, unlike their villainous counterparts, their hatred is more often than not understandable and sympathetic - if not completely justified, usually; due to an event in their past that ranges from traumatic to outright tragic. A perfect example is Eren Yeager, who bears a burning desire to kill all Titans after helplessly watching his mother get devoured by one, an event that scarred him for life. But after discovering the origin of and how Titans are created, much of Eren's xenophobic tendencies towards Titans have since then redirected to the people from the outside world. But after living in the outside world himself he stopped having any xenophobic feelings towards any kind and came to the conclusion that humans are all the same.

Some of these heroes don't let their hatred consume them. Rather, they are willing to make an exception for someone of a race they otherwise despise. Good examples are Issei Hyoudou, who considers Akeno Himejima his friend despite his normal hatred of fallen angels and Tali'Zorah vas Normandy, who, while initially distrusting towards Legion quickly starts to consider him a friend, despite her usual resentment for Geth.

Do not add Pure Good heroes to this category, because they can't have such hatred on people with certain differences.

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