This tournament is more than a chance at personal glory. We're fighting for the very survival of Earthrealm.
~ Liu Kang, as he explains to Johnny Cage that he must win to gain honor of Earthrealm.
The only ones who should kill are those who are prepared to be killed!
~ Lelouch vi Britannia.
That is incredible brave that you did, refused the First Order and saving that man's life.
~ Leia praises Finn, for he betrayed the First Order and saved Poe Dameron.

The very opposite of a Cheater, these heroes who fight fairly in battle and never resort to dirty tricks such as stabbing someone in the back or attacking a defenseless opponent to win battles. They also uphold a promise be they owe a promise to a friend, companion, or even their rivals or enemies. These heroes have a habit of wanting to fight an opponent fairly that they would sometimes allow their opponent to gain an advantage (like Vegeta letting Semi-Perfect Cell achieve his perfect form so the two could have a fair fight). In this category, these heroes tend to also compliment their foes for their abilities. A common theme of this, is that they are trying to bring honor to themselves, for others, or even their organizations. Often these heroes are respected for their need to play fair by allies and enemies alike and also find an "worthy opponent" to battle against. Most Pure Goods are honorable due to them showing respect to everyone including their enemies. Pure Goods would never cheat in order to win.

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