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Shepard, let me tell you something I've learned the hard way. You can pay a soldier to fire a gun. You can pay him to charge the enemy and take a hill. But you can't pay him to believe. When you went up against Sovereign, there was no good reason to believe you'd win. But your crew didn't seem to care. They went along anyway. Your trip through the Omega-4 relay? That was a suicide mission if there ever was one. Yet there your crew was, standing beside you, proud to serve. Why? Because they believed in YOU, their leader! That's what I need now.
~ Admiral Hackett to Commander Shepard about how he was the one responsible for giving his crew hope.
If I don't do something, everyone's gonna be consumed by despair...! You claim there's no hope left in the world. But if despair is contagious like you say... ...the so is hope! I'll use my own hope to plant seeds of hope inside everyone else!
~ Makoto Naegi standing up to Junko Enoshima by declaring that he will use his own hope to revive the hope of the rest of the world and pull them out of Junko's despair.

Hope Bringers are these types of heroes, who bring hope to the world and its inhabitants in its darkest hour. These heroes represent being the determinator in many fictional stories as heroes who will bring hope to the world and not look into the despair of their current dillemma. They inspire hope in many ways: Boosting the morale of his or her allies, persistently keep fighting their enemies even though they are almost going to die, proving cynics wrong about their own jaded ideals, and inspire people who have started lose hope by reassuring them that all is not completely lost.


There are many types of hope bringers:

  • Ones that are mentioned as the chosen one of a great prophecy. Neo is called The One to save The Matrix.
  • Others who's potential to bring hope comes when the situation is at its most desperate. Kenshiro is known as the "Savior of Century's End" for this very reason, and Saint Walker intends to bring hope to aid others in battle.
  • Heroes who appear when the situation gets worse. Naruto becomes this during The Fourth Shinobi World War, when the Allied Shinobi Forces are struggling and taking heavy casualties, to the Edo Tensei resurrected ninja.
  • Those who accomplish their dreams for the world or fulfilling someone else's request and/or dreams for the world by making it their own dreams. Yuna from Final Fantasy X is a good example of this.

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