Heroes who are not humans but have a similar appearance to them. They may have been born like this or they might have shape-shifted into a human-like form and are known for this form, even if their true form is revealed.

Characters that have originated as true humans but become something inhuman (either through shape-shifting, dark magic, lycanthropy or mutation) do NOT count. This category is solely for heroes that are inherently not human, but have physical human-like features.


To qualify, a character should display the following traits:

  • Bipedal structure: walks on two legs; may also be "knuckle-dragging," like great apes, or vary between walking on two legs to a more feral "four-legged" position, as is the case with werewolves;
  • Roughly human anatomy: an head, a torso, several arms and legs (although the best would be two, characters with more members can be allowed if they still respect the rule).

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