If they roll up and tell you they're going to save your soul, you say: "Guys, I wouldn't trust you to save my credit card info."
~ Leah Cassini about the Templars.
Hold on, kids! I'm comin' to rescue the lot of ya! (gets axed in the back by Seymour Skinner) Ow! Ach, I'm bad at this! (dies)
~ Groundskeeper Willie.

Heroes who are more likely to accidentally foil their own plots than the ones of villains they're fighting against, due to stupidity, bumbling, poor planning, cowardly behavior, weak strength, arrogance, and/or unwillingness on their part.

For obvious reasons, these heroes are likely not successful, but in certain cases, they CAN still succeed in their goals, notably if they have the help of much more competent heroes, or just with luck.

Pure Good heroes will NEVER fall under Incompetent as they are capable of committing great heroic acts and causing serious advantages in a story which actually makes them competent and very formidable.

Even if, in very rare cases, some Pure Good are somewhat incompetent, they should go under the Dimwits, Cowards or Weaklings categories instead.

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