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Don't be ridiculous! There aren't any monsters around here, okay?! The only thing that is here is a kind-hearted girl who brought me back to life!
~ Ayumu Aikawa assuring Eucliwood Hellscythe that he does not hate her.
Not enough. I must stay in the eye of the whirlwind... must push myself harder...
~ Revali’s rare display of his vulnerable side.
I can't be with someone like me. I hate myself!
~ Jerry Seinfeld admits he's deeply insecure behind his arrogance, fully aware to what kind of person he is and prefers not to date with girls who behave like him.

Heroes who sometimes lack self-esteem or confidence. This can range from thinking they're monsters to believing they don't have what it takes to accomplish their goals. They are very similar to tragic heroes, but the defining characteristic of an insecure hero is that they are lying in many ways both to themselves and others i.e. they have a bad habit of saying things that they don't actually believe, especially about themselves, although they themselves often aren't even aware of this.

Alternatively, an insecure hero is a good guy who acts in a dangerous way due to severe pain suffered by some tragic reason. Sometimes, they are victims of bullying or severe abuse by someone who is cruel or evil.

Usually, these heroes just need a friend or loved one, other times they need acceptance - yet it is also common for an insecure hero to simply be too far gone and absorbed in his or her own troubles to accept (or want) help, as was the case with Sayori, Eucliwood Hellscythe, Natsuki, Sadness, Yuri, Aoi Akane, Shrek, Queen Elsa, Riku, Raven, and (briefly) Elize Lutus. Unlike their villainous counterparts, however, for heroes, insecurity nearly always serves as a trait to overcome through character development.

Ironically, many insecure heroes also qualify as Arrogant or an Egomaniac. These heroes suffer from what is called a "Superiority complex", where they feign arrogance, egomania and narcissism to hide their flaws from others and, more often than not, themselves. Perfect examples of this consist of Inuyasha, Oscar, Nick Wilde, Sasuke Uchiha, Anakin Skywalker, Shadow the Hedgehog, Emperor Kuzco, Rika Kawai, Toko Fukawa, The Grinch, Prince Adam, Lord Blumiere, Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu, Revali, and Tigress. Some heroes suffer from a superiority complex without actual signs of egomania or arrogance such as Papyrus from Undertale.

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