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A heroes and/or heroines on this website that hides their real identity to protect the people they love and/or protect the city without them knowing who they really are.

They also choose to keep their real identity a secret to help maintain a normal life to avoid any repercussions, which is due to the unintentional collateral damage they are involved with, as it can lead to legal ramifications, pressure, or public scrutiny.

Also, another thing worth mentioning is that Keeper of Secret Identity doesn't apply to just only super heroic characters who are most commonly known for being keeper of secretive identity but not being the only ones as there could be regular citizens or other characters that have other things to hide or lie about like with Dr. Dave from 101 Dalmatian Street pretending to be the owner of Delilah Dalmatian and some of her Dogs and Pups saving them from being taken by Pest Control if they found out that Doug and Delilah Dalmatian live just by themselves without an owner.

This type of hero can be considered the heroic counterpart to the Alter-Ego villain.

There have been many Keeper of Secret Identities that count as Pure Good like Superman. However, that really depends if they have their moral codes and wouldn't have any corrupting factors to themselves that could prohibit themselves from being considered Pure Good.

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