With God's help, little guys can do BIG things, too!
~ Junior Asparagus.
Kids Next Door, battle stations!
~ Nigel Uno

Many characters do not need to be fully grown to be heroes. Some are born with superpowers that they end up using for good deeds or they may be ordinary children who stumble into a situation or adventure that requires them to perform acts of heroism to get through. Like adults, children can qualify to be Pure Good, if their Moral Agency is made clear and if they commit absolutely delightful actions, despite their young age. The following heroes listed are those who are 13 or younger or take the appearance of children; they are fairly popular in certain media and can come in many forms, just like their adult and adolescent counterparts.

IMPORTANT: Please do not add adolescent heroes into this category. While teenagers are commonly mistaken for children, these two age groups are different from each other.

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