I stand alone!
~ Gabriel Belmont to Victor Belmont when asked whose side he's on.
These heroes who most of the time save the day all by themselves, and don't want help but sometimes they don't always save the day by themselves and they need help. They walk their own path, and dedicate their lives to their duties.

This often includes heroes who are self-hating towards themselves or those who go rogue to fulfill their own missions or destinies, however, sometimes they may just prefer to work and be alone. They prefer to deal with the villains and save the lives their own ways on their own.

If they are in groups or teams, these heroes will often be more distant than the other members, and may try to avoid working with them. Maybe they see themselves as an ally instead of a team member or friend. Most of them are known to be "very standoff-ish". They often keep to themselves and try to avoid talking about their emotions.

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