You stay away from her!
~ Jak to Erol when he learns that the latter also has feelings for his girlfriend Keira Hagai

Villains are not the only ones who are rivals in love but rather other heroes as well. These heroes too also have affections for a specific individual they have set their sights on. Unlike their similar yet different counterpart, they can come to terms that their affections won't be returned to them and would make the best with how that specific person feels about the hero. Additionally, these rivals will obviously not go and do anything that could disrupt the couples happiness out of compassion for their friends and at times will go as far as to permit it because these heroes care for their friends because they themselves know that person is the most capable for emotional support and most importantly they want to make that person or both happy. Sometimes they can be love rivals with the villain.

Some Love Rivals can even be Pure Good if (while being selfless) they have genuine affection for the individual they care about and have no corrupting traits whatsoever.

Good examples of Love Rivals are: Rogue and Shadowcat from the X-Men film series and also Roman Pearce and Tej Parker from the Fast and the Furious franchise.

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