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You wanted revenge on Carface and I said "No, please, let's get out of town!" But I stayed because...because you're my friend. And then you wanted to kidnap the girl and I said,"This is crazy!" But I helped ya and...and then we gotta dress the girl and read her stories, she wants we should feed the poor, and the whole while, I'm thinking,"This is stupid, she's gonna get us killed!" But I stay because...I'm your friend.
~ Itchy to Charlie.
You can call us a lot of things, lazy, slackers, irresponsible. But there is one thing that we're not, and that's sell outs! We're drawing a line in the sand!
~ Mordecai to Benson after the latter tells him and Rigby that they have no choice but to sign a contract offered by the PlayCo workers.
And Rainbow Dash, who could not abandon her friends for her own heart's desire represents the spirit of... loyalty!
~ Twilight Sparkle
Huckleberry: Desert Flower, I have some unfinished business to attend to. Will you wait for me?
Desert Flower: For as long as it takes, my Blue Hombre.
~ Huckleberry Hound to Desert Flower in The Good, the Bad, and Huckleberry Hound.

Loyal Heroes are faithful, friendly, and obedient characters who can always be counted on and vow to never let down their fellow heroes, family, and friends. They are loyal to those who help them and will return that favor by helping them. These heroes are those who count loyalty as a great importance and will go to great lengths to protect those they are loyal to or what they fight for which can range from close loved ones to being loyal to a heroic organization. A common theme is that they will do a great deal for those they consider as comrades or friends that they would even fight the law or challenge higher powers for the sake of those these heroes are loyal to as well as go so far as to forgive them for perceived failures and betrayals. They would gladly shoulder any burden for their comrades even if it was at the cost of their own happiness. They even are willing to sacrifice their own life if it means protecting their loved ones. Overall, they are those heroes who best represent what it means to be a true companion and is greatly respected as such for being very selfless in their very nature.

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