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Magic must defeat magic!
~ Uncle Chan

This is the type of heroes who are utilizing magic. They are known as (Spell) casters, Conjurers/Conjurors, Enchanters/Enchantresses, Sorcerers/Sorceresses, Illusionists, Magicians, Occultists, Mystics, Witches, Warlocks, (Arch) mages, (Arch) wizards and Alchemists. However, it must be noted that how these heroes gain and/or utilize magic varies.

  • Wizards/Witches/Warlocks: Heroic Witches (which is mainly female equivalent of Warlocks and Wizards), Warlocks, and Wizards gained the ability to use magic mostly through extensive studies on magical writings and spellbooks. Many prefer light magic as their source of power.
  • Sorcerers/Sorceresses: Heroic Sorcerers and their female equivalent Sorceresses mostly have the innate talent for magic rather than studied. It means they already have mastered some spells prior to their sorcery-related educations.
  • Magi-Technicians/Meta-Technicians/Technomagicians/Techno-Magicians: Individuals and creatures that regularly utilizes both science and magic can be added here, as can beings that are born of a mystical fusion of magic and technology.
  • Illusionists: A type of heroes who can create realistic illusions, unlike magic-users or reality-warpers, these illusions are not actually real but to their victim they can be frighteningly realistic - many illusionists love to make their victims believe these illusions are real in order to trick them or simply mess with their minds. Sometimes though an illusionist's real goal is to simply live in a fantasy world where he or she is happiest but become villains to keep their fantasy world alive.
  • Enchanters/Enchantress: Heroic Enchanters and Enchantresses' magical power of choice was rendering something/someone under a spell.
  • Alchemists: Heroes who use the mystical science of Alchemy for their heroic goals. Alchemy differs from story to story but it most often focus on transmuting matter to turn it into something purer (the most common example being turning any metal into gold) and making oneself evolve through meditation and experiments. (In most stories this evolution is about becoming immortal.) In some stories focusing about magic and sorcerers, (Harry Potter for instance) Alchemy is described as a special brand of magic and thus most of its practitioners are sorcerers.
  • Emotion Vampires: Through mystical means, some heroes can channel specific emotions to increase their powers, be it from their own emotion or of those around them. In contrast of villains with similar powers who may have preference for negative emotions, heroes who possess this ability usually drawing their powers from more positive emotions including hopes and support from others.
  • Pseudoscientists/Unconventional Scientists: Heroes with powers, abilities, energies, or concepts that, within their respective worlds/universes, are regarded as a science or even commonplace, despite the fact that the abilities are unnatural or even supernatural in the eyes of the audience. Some of these works illustrate a clear difference between said abilities and magic, but for the purposes of this wiki and the sake of simplicity, should be regarded as magic.

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