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Heroes considered Geniuses amongst Geniuses - in other words they are amongst the most intelligent beings in existence and are characterized by a personality in which they will plan things to amazing lengths and always have a backup plan. A Mastermind is rarely caught off-guard and will often have other plans to fall back on should his or her original plan be foiled.

Not to be confused with their evil counterparts.

Note: If under this do not add Genius as this is a step above such and it is redundant. They are the opposite of the Dimwits category as these heroes are among the smartest characters, while a dimwit cannot make many smart decisions. Both categories are completely different and it is, therefore, impossible for a character to be in both categories. It is possible for them to be incompetent if they are funny characters whose failures are played for laughs (i.e. Sheldon J. Plankton).

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