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~ G.I. Joe's catchphrase.
A General is...the same as a Hundred or Thousand-Man Commander, nothing more than a position, a rank. However... only a select few are able to achieve it. Only those who overcome numerous brushes with death and accomplish numerous deeds are able to arrive at that destination. A General obtains the responsibility of overseeing thousand and tens of thousands of lives and the greatest of honors. Hence a General's existence carries so much weight. Hence, a General shines to such a degree, that they are dazzling.
~ General Ou Ki to Hou Ken and the Ou Ki Army.

Heroes who have been involved in the Military. Some may just support/form an alliance with Military Forces. Examples are characters with titles such as General, Colonel, Admiral, Captain, Commander, Sergeant, Lieutenant, Private, Ensign, etc.

This can also apply to threats to a kind of Military. Although thought of as soldiers and/or warriors, they can be other military positions like sailors, marines, and/or aviators. Some Military heroes can even cross over into being One-Person Armies.

Military can also be former soldiers or any titles aforementioned who retired of the army before the history takes place or during it.

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