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You dangerous, MUTE lunatic.
~ GLaDOS to Chell.
Man of few words, aren't you?
~ Alyx Vance to Gordon Freeman.
~ A common phrase among these heroes.

Heroes and heroines who rarely speak, cannot speak, or don't need to speak at all. Making a main character mute is often less about conveying diversity than about giving the audience a blank slate to project onto and as such it is most common in either video-games or art-house films.

NOTE: Just because a mute character doesn't talk, doesn't necessarily mean they are legitimately mute as would be in real life, they may make certain vocalizations such as grunting or screaming sounds. Some mute characters might also be able to speak, but they simply choose not to for whatever reason.

Some of these characters can end up being Pure Good if they meet all the criteria and have clear moral agency, however, since many of these characters lack a personality and clear motives they can only qualify if they depict their personality and motives clearly through their acts. Gromit is a good example of a mute heroes that qualifies as Pure Good.

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