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And I bet you're wondering why do I know so much about Michael Scarn. Well, because I AM Michael Scarn.
~ Michael Scarn's closing narration with another voice.
Clopin will tell you. It is a tale. A tale of man... and a monster.
~ Clopin beginning his narration.
It's time I told you the whole story; how I lost everything and everyone I loved, and how I finally found my way back home. The truth is, I would still be trapped in that amulet today if it wasn't for a brave young princess named, Sofia.
~ Elena to Naomi as she begins her narration of Elena and the Secret of Avalor.

Heroes who narrate their stories. They are often in Novels where they voice the events in the story. Many of them fit with Voice of Reason and would be seen as titular protagonist in the series. Many of these Heroic Narrators will often explain as much as they can about the story that will give more of an incite on the story itself with certain characters.

They are often the protagonist of the story and mention anything that happens in the story. They will usually lead the story by their voice of words and their choice. The majority of the times, the narrator will be the protagonist for the whole franchise of the works of the story, while are other times where they are the protagonist for a short amount of time and eventually lose their main role of importance, and another character who will be the titular protagonist in the story will retake that role. Examples of this are from the Netflix Adaptation of 13 Reasons Why where Hannah Baker is the protagonist for the first season leading to the next characters Clay Jensen and Ani Achola who have the main role of importance for the next seasons of the series.

Many of these Heroic Narrators could qualify and count as Pure Good as long as they have a moral agency and recognizes between right and wrong.

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