There are some problems you can't solve with a gun.
~ Rock to Revy.
First thing's first. To the death! No! To the pain.
~ Westley, bluffing his way out of fighting Prince Humperdink.

The kind of hero who does not have fighting ability, or does not wish to risk their lives from facing far more dangerous villains. These heroes are still willing to help others, and are benevolent without needing to take high-action. They might be in servitude or acquainted with another hero, and may even be virtually resourceful from behind the scenes. However, this category does not automatically make a hero any more or less good, as some may just be dirty cowards, and even anti-heroes. This also means that some non-action heroes can be pure good.

They are the opposite of Fighters. If they aren't fighters, then they most likely belong in this category. Some may qualify for Pure Good.

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