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I'm crazy enough to take on Batman, but the IRS? No Thank You!
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These characters hold a position of authority in their society and can be considered authority figures. They are basically the polar opposite of corrupt officials.

Officials include:

  • Policemen/Policewomen: their primary mission is to maintain the law and order within the area they work in. Most of these agents are armed, althought not as armed and dangerous as counter-terrorists. They usually patrol either on foot or in distinct vehicles from the traffic. However, they often face a strong opposition from the street gangs.
  • Counter-terrorists: these agents are much more trained than reguler policemen and often carry heavy weaponry. Their main task is to protect people from terrorists or celebrities from incoming attackers, deliver hostages and fight piratery. Example: John Spartan.
  • Militaries: these characters work at the army.
  • Superheroes: while some may work in their own ways, regardless of the laws, some may also work within the laws.
  • Politicians: these characters work in political parties (or in their own) and defend progressist ideas or causes.
  • Lawyers: they either defend people at the court or convict malicious criminals who intended to use their wealth or political connections in order to be free. An example: Phoenix Wright of Ace Attorney.
  • Judges: they give verdicts and can release falsely accused people from being imprisoned.
  • Philanthropists: usually businessmen who finance charities or use their wealth to help people in need.
  • Spies: also known as secret agents. The most well-known example is James Bond.
  • Religious leaders: including priests, ministers, rabbis, imams, or other clergy. An example: Mr. Rogers.
  • School staff members: including teachers, principals, or even prominent students. An example: Jennifer Honey of Matilda.
  • Detectives: this policemen solve cases without any problem, An example: Sherlock Holmes.

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