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~ Genie (Disney's Aladdin)
And God said, ‘Let there be light,’ and there was light.
~ An example of God's Omnipotence in: Genesis 1:3, Holy Bible NIV.

Omnipotent Heroes are protagonists with so many skills and abilities that it is thought they can do anything and everything with few limits. Often in an effort to balance the story an omnipotent hero will be resigned to pacifism to keep from constant interference in the world, other times they are limited less by morality and more by very specific limitations or seals imposed upon their otherwise limitless power. It is also known that virtual to regular Omnipotence are reality controlling abilities and both can also give the user a complete or almost complete collection of powers.

Nigh Omnipotence is a balanced version of Omnipotence and it can be bestowed through some other means like powerful items (like the Infinity Gauntlet created by Marvel) or some other causes like being granted Semi Omnipotence from a Deity. Despite having missing element(s) which makes the ability be limited, the power at best is still capable of holding unimaginable power that a person could ever comprehend.

As for Omnipotence, this is when the tables start to turn. Unlike Nigh Omnipotence, this one is not gainable / giftable in any ways possible since it is only used by a Monotheistic Deity. However, the user is able to commit feats that Nigh Omnipotence would not may be capable of doing, such as interfering with free will, manipulating primordial to universal forces at will and can create sentient life, among others.

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