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Why do you think I work alone down there, protecting the whole island by myself? Because I'm a one-man army.
~ Android 17.
This fight...it is far from over. We are the generals. Protect her while I attack. I am the raiding party, I will destroy the enemy camp.
~ Guts.
I'm strong. Stronger than all of you. Extremely strong. I can kill all the titans out there. Even if I'm alone.
~ Mikasa Ackerman.

One-Man Armies, One-Woman Armies or One-Person Armies are the opposite of Cowards, Weaklings, Incompetents and the Non-Action; these are heroes who are powerful enough to take on and either defeat or seriously threaten large groups of enemies without the aid of comrades, allies or war machines. This is also prominent for Determinators and Rogue Heroes.

To qualify for this category, a hero/heroine must of been shown to be powerful and smart enough to do so many heroic deeds in a small scale of time, like stopping a meteor shower from hitting earth for example, or even have a strategy to save others from disasters without relying on aid from anyone other than themselves.

Some heroes do have large armies or followers, but are still valid for this category providing they have been shown as powerful enough to fight against a great amount of opponents at once without much problem - this is a very common trait of superheroes, cosmic entities and action-movie heroes.

Noteworthy Examples

  • Pure Strength: Most common sub-diversion of this archetype. The hero uses primarily muscle to defeat multiple opponents. These heroes usually go hand-in-hand with the ability of pain resistance (but not all do). The Incredible Hulk and John Wick are perfect examples for this.
  • Superhuman Qualities: Similar to pure strength as most have superhuman strength, but however can use other powers and do not per se need strength. They may use magic, telekinesis, energy manipulation, ability to summon a huge number of minions (either artificial entities or pets that do his/her bidding) at the same time, etc. to fight their enemies. Goku, Superman, Alex Mercer, and Koragg are good examples of this.
  • Strategy: Perhaps the least seen of this archetype. They don't have superhuman properties (albeit having above average properties), but rather make up for it by being able to completely plan a battle ahead of time (such as using effective methods at certain points of a conflict that can turn the tide of battle for the good guys). Batman, Sherlock Holmes, and the Doctor are good examples for this.

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