Maybe I just can't turn my back on people when they're down!
~ Bolin asserting his protective nature to Mako.
Reliving the Glory Days is better than pretending they never happened!
~ Bob Parr/Mr. Incredible.

Outright Heroes (also known as Declared Heroes) will be so apparently good that there is almost never any ambiguity about their status as heroes without serious character development. These are heroes who take pride in their heroic ways and never for a moment betray fear to the antagonist. They are always willing to remind those who surround them how passionate their belief in justice is. Normally found among superheroes who make their rivalry with the antagonist public to everyone. A perfect instance would be Superman.

This is the good opposite of Delusional.

Pure Goods never count as this due to the fact outright heroes occasionally have petty selfish behaviors and taking pride in their heroic ways, whereas Pure Good heroes are always humble about their achievements and heroic deeds.

Sliding Scale of Heroes

This wiki currently recognizes four different overarching standards for a hero's morality.

  1. Pure Good: Those who are above petty selfish behaviors and act entirely for the sake of others and are incorruptible in their pursuits.
  2. Outright Heroes: The standard hero model, not incorruptible and possibly even less than heroic on occasion but over all virtuous and true.
  3. Good Hearted Bastards: Those who may appear brash, selfish or uncaring but are beneath the surface caring and well intentioned heroes.
  4. Heroic Sociopaths: Those with no conscience or moral center incapable of functioning on a moral level but whom still assist the forces of good either for practical reasons or as a circumstance of story.
  • We of course recognize several more types there in that may overlap but each of the above sum up overarching character and should not be entered lightly. Please note by its nature no one can recover from being a sociopath if they can, they were never sociopaths in the first place. And while Pure of heart can be former villains they can not fall back into said habits willingly as by nature once Pure of heart a hero is incorruptible.

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