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There has to be a way to resolve this without anyone killing anyone!!
~ Touma Kamijou.
We are keepers of the peace, not soldiers.
~ Mace Windu
This world is full of all kinds of people, Kris. So let's try our best to get by without fighting.
~ Ralsei.

Heroes who are pacifists and peacemakers at heart, with the goals of stopping fighting and making peace in the world. A Pacifist has completely sworn off violence and will almost never resort to it. If a situation does come up where the Pacifist does actually have to resort to violence they will likely feel as if they have broken some great personal law. Pacifists do not need to resort to violence most of the time though helping the forces of good by doing things like healing, shielding or standing up for the innocent. Some pacifists simply strive to be role-models for others. They are the opposite of warmongers.

These heroes are rarely lethal, due to their peaceful nature (Caesar is one notable exception) - in fact the two philosophies are polar opposites, even a pacifist who may be willing to engage in self-defence (or defence of another) would never kill, to do so willingly is against the very core of pacifist teaching. Also because of their peaceful nature, a lot of Pure Goods fall under this category.

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