Back where I come from, we have men who do nothing all day but good deeds. They are called Phila... eh, Phila... eh, good-deed-doers.
~ The Wizard of Oz explaining about philanthropists
Philanthropy, literally meaning "love of humanity", is a concept of helping one's community whenever possible. The modernized definition refers to acts of charity and volunteering. Philanthropists are heroes who go out of their way to help the poor, downtrodden or sick. This is most often achieved through financial philanthropy, giving money to worthy causes, but may be done through volunteer work as well.

They can be humans who want to look out for other humans.

They can also be humanoids, animals, robots, aliens, and in rare cases, monsters, who want to keep humanity safe from dangers they don't even know about.

They are the exact opposite of Misanthropes, either being Heroic Misanthropes who either despise and hold in grudges against humanity for a personal matter and will try to slowly be more forgiving and less resented against humanity, or become even villains who have had their hatred for humanity get the better of them and seek to eradicate humans.

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