In other words, we won't know exactly the odds of any one number coming up until we roll it a significant number of times. It seems that we are in the middle of a 'continuum shift'. Basically, expect the unexpected! Observe. I shall show you the true meaning of power!
~ Rachel Alucard.
Completing a triangle with the strategists and the scientists, the political hero is an analog type who operates by playing politics and manipulating the bad guys. They would trade swords and guns (or for other cases; science and technology) for charm, wit, political and/or financial acumen, and an in-depth knowledge of human nature. The guile, along with the social engineering and charisma are all at the political hero's fingertips. Often, this type of hero will manipulate the other good guys and a whole bunch of innocent bystanders as part of their scheme to bring down the Big Bad, though they will go out of the way to ensure the other characters aren't truly harmed in the process. The political hero is likely to be a politician or a businessman, and engage in the battles of wits.

It is the good counterpart of the master manipulator.

Note: Do NOT confuse this type of heroes as politicians. In this case, "political" means relating to the ideas and strategy of the certain group, or to be more precise, using guile.

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