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The mark of a true hero is somebody who's willing to sacrifice his own personal morality to help keep the world safe.
~ Tess Mercer, Smallville.
We get dirty, and the world stays clean.
~ John Price
huh. always wondered why people never use their strongest attack first.
~ Sans, at the start of his Boss fight.

Pragmatists, are those who follow practical considerations above traditional morals, values or taboos. Pragmatic protagonists are heroes who are often opposite to Honorable heroes, though depending on character development, certain characters may be both at one point or another. A Pragmatist will be willing to lie, cheat, steal, offend, or just generally 'play dirty' in order to save the day. In darker moments, a Pragmatist may well be willing to abandon their own otherwise firm values to save others. It is common for pragmatic characters to be used to directly ignore/defy hero clichés in order to win, such as being willing to shoot through a hostage to prevent their captor from getting a chance to endanger others, or reduce themselves to mockery as long as the evil they are facing does not win. A Pragmatist will gladly sacrifice both their pride and conscience as long as the evil they face will not get a chance to strike again.

Note that these are not rampant scoundrels who just happen to save people, but heroes who are quite willing to resort to less than honorable methods in order to save others. In general it will not be their default behavior, just how far they are willing to go - similar to Lethal heroes.

It is a good counterpart of Cheaters.

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