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Thunderbolt: Oh, Lightning, this is just about the greatest thing ever! I've always wanted to play a big death scene! The selfless hero who sacrifices himself to save the innocent. I'll kick bigger than Old Yeller! So, how do I make my shockingly unexpected and triumphant return?
Lightning: You don't.
Thunderbolt: What do you mean, I don't?
Lightning: You don't make a shockingly unexpected and triumphant return. You die. You're dead. You never come back.
Thunderbolt: Not even for a reunion show?
Lightning: Not even for a cameo in the remake.
Thunderbolt: They're writing me out of the show?
Lightning: They're gonna replace you with a younger dog.
Thunderbolt: So that's what those auditions were really all about!
~ Thunderbolt and Lil' Lightning, discussing the fate of their show.
It's now been many years, months,
and sleepless nights since I began to investigate the Baudelaire orphans, but despite all my research, I have been unable to determine their whereabouts. I cannot find them. I cannot help them. I can only hope that they're alive and safe...wherever they are now.
~ Lemony Snicket on the fate of the baudelaire children.
You are never safer than when your enemies think you're dead.
~ Master Zao

Heroes who have faced an unknown fate. Most are thought to be dead, but fully unconfirmed or have died in conditions where it is implied they could still be alive.

Heroes in this category were last seen in situations that they were not expected to survive, but given that they weren't seen dying, or their bodies or remains weren't found, they could possibly revive in the future or might still be alive and plotting a return. Yet, their fates and statuses are currently unknown.

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